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Video Conferencing at Reliance World

Reliance World (RW), the 105-city national chain of 240 retail stores for digital entertainment and communication and a one-stop shop for all Reliance Info comm. products and services, is now offering India’s first and only multiple location video conferencing service that allows participants from various locations to “Connect Everybody, Everywhere” in the world.

Why Video Conferencing?

Some of the innovative uses of the Video Conferencing platform are as follows:

Enterprise Applications:
- Sales Communication and Review Process
- Interactive discussions and meeting
- Training
- Sales Demos
- Recruitment
- Corporate / CEO Broadcast
- Product Roll Out and Launch Events
- Power Point Presentations / Internet / Data PC Collaboration
- Product Demo / Export Import
- Promotions

Other Non Enterprise Applications:
- Distance Education
- Legal Proceedings
- Remote participation in a Seminar
- Remote Trouble Shooting

Key Value Proposition :
- Corporate travel, time and costs
- Conduct several meetings in one day instead of travelling to attend just one – improves productivity and efficiency of theorganization
- Enables easy Corporate Communication, Training and Recruitment – applications impacts all functions of the Enterprise, viz

HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT :
- Employees get more time to finish their work and hence spend time with their family instead of traveling
- Huge pan India footprint (240 RW’s in 105 cities) with global reach
- The ability to deliver audio video and data across on one single connection allows users to do almost everything that they could physically such as make a presentation, discuss issues, show and audio visual etc. except the proverbial handshake.

- Multi-location Video Conferencing
- Interoperability with ISDN end points
- Audio participants can connect from any telephone (including mobile)
- Point to Point VC conducted at 768 kbps on IP, Multi-point at 384 kbps
- Point to Multi-point mode for Training and Broadcasts
- Multi-point, Continuous Presence Mode for Interactive VC's
- Voice Activated Video Switching
- Speed Matching with external ISDN end points
- Make PowerPoint presentations along with the Video Conference
- Show audio visuals in your Video Conference
- VC recording
- Internet access on your Video Conference table

- Can scale up to 40 VC locations with 5 participants per location in camera view
- RW's IP based VC end points can connect with any standards based end point on ISDN and even a telephone as an audio only participant
- Participate in a VC by dialing in from anywhere in the world
- 6 times better quality than commonly used 128 kbps systems for point to point VCs
- All locations see only the speaker location, speaker location sees all the participant locations
- Every location, sees each of the other remote locations
- Location that is active (speaking), gets highlighted in the video
- Locations with different and lower bandwidth seamlessly participate in the conference
- Conduct training and presentations to multiple locations all at once
- Useful for New Product launches and events through VCs
- People who missed the VC can actually view the recording
- Get the information you require from the web or from your public email id, for viewing or discussions with all the locations during the Video Conference


We shall be delighted to arrange a VC Demonstration.

For onetime use (Interview or Recruitments) please call and use our Services from any where in India.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any clarification

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